Where our dream started!

Back in May 2019 we attended our very first SoCal Wienerfest (a gathering of dachshunds and dog parents at Huntington Beach, CA) with Eva, our 12 year old doxie who we adore and is our absolute inspiration for PoisePup. We had a blast back then, we attended as guests, as part of the dachshund community, participated in fun contests, met adorable pups and their pawrents, just had an incredible time there, but we realized that something more was calling us to share with the dachshund community. It was then when we started creating PoisePup, we wanted to see our dog community wearing gorgeous accessories, having fun all together, looking fabulous and incredibly stylish. Then it took us to include all breeds and sizes into this luxury brand of accessories and PoisePup was born in Fall of 2019.

We were so happy of what we had created and of course wanted to share it next year at SoCal Wienerfest in 2020, but the pandemic hit and it was cancelled, and so it was cancelled a year after as well. It was until this year 2022 that we were able to realize our dream that started right in the same place 3 years ago! We were absolutely excited and thrilled to be there, thank you all so much for everyone who stopped by and showing us so much love! We will cherish this moment in our hearts forever ūüíó

Enjoy the pics and we’ll see you next year!

SoCal Wienerfest 2022

Eva wearing our beautiful "Candy Swirl" Leash & Harness

A precious customer wearing his "Wildest One" Collar

This gorgeous princess wearing our "Sunshine Babe" Leash & Harness

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